Transport Month


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Transport Month 2020

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We at GonowOnDemand hope that you have enjoyed sampling the scooters. If you want more, we need your support!

First off, please do not panic if you have experienced any issues with your app or your account billing, promos etc. It will all be taken care of plus more existing rewards because we want to give you more but we need your support today if you would like to keep it going.


Your excitement, enthusiasm and feedback has been overwhelming. We really appreciate your support.


Micro-mobility is seen as the future of the transportation industry. However, this business has a long way to go. Right from tackling legal approvals, mending regulations, and spreading awareness to adapt this new-age of commuting. For this, multiple industries such as IT, civil, etc and you, will have to come together to make it possible.


Today, if you strongly agree that a new approach in transportation along with rapid development and research is important and must be considered not only as a priority but also an imperative responsibility that we all need to address now, then we ask you for your support today. This is our opportunity to be heard. Today we can have one voice and the regulators, counsel, law enforcement and the public are listening.


We have incredible opportunities, massive amounts of job creation, training and infrastructure lined up and ready to roll. We have been approached by numerous companies, faculties, businesses, students and like-minded individuals that have requested to work with us, partner with us, assist, collaborate and come together as one people on a quest to solve problems and create a better tomorrow as we face a catastrophic environmental disaster.

We are all to blame, we are all responsible and we have all contributed to the problem and now it’s time for change. To all the above requests and enquiries we say yes! Absolutely Yes!


The current legislation amendment that will include the use of: 

Ultra-lite vehicles propelled by electrical power derived from storage batteries, does not exceed 30kg, has a maximum speed of 25km/h and which is controlled by a pedestrian. Is open for public comment now.

Please show your support and use your voice today by commenting on the Legislation amendment act open for public comment now to make provision for the use on and for the sharing of space and lanes that have been provisioned for (NMT) Non Motorized Transport. The amendment is specifically for the inclusion of this vehicle classification: Ultra-lite vehicles propelled by electrical power derived from storage batteries, does not exceed 30kg, has a maximum speed of 25km/h and which is controlled by a pedestrian.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us along the way with information, guidance or shown a vested interest in going forward with us together and most importantly, support this initiative on a personal level.

*First and foremost I would like to like to extend my gratitude to:


Anna Kruger, Crafts Alive NPO. I cannot thank you enough!

Machiel Breedt. Thank you for your support & patients.

Paul Roviss Khambule, Zimasa. The one & only Roviss.

Holden. STF Stellenbosch Trail Fund

Chris, Casa Cerveza.

Quinten Smith, Stellenbosch Municipality.

Roscoe Bergstedt, Stellenbosch Council.

Inspector Williams, Law Enforcement.

Joshua Romisher, LaunchLab.

Honours Students, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Machine Learning.

Students of Film and Data management.

And the two guys with so much positive energy they could power stellenbosch, you guys are awesome. 



Now, politics is a long winded and tedious process which for now is blocking the road of opportunity that allows us to research possible solutions for the sake of our own environmental survival. We cannot accept carbon dioxide toxic air or sunsuites and factor 50 sunblock as the norm or people having to remain indoors because the sunlight can kill you. We have one world, one life, live it. 

We have an open door policy, we just don’t have a door. Let’s chat!






October is Transport Month. During this month the Department of Transport and its entities will showcase transport infrastructure services in aviation; maritime; public transport and roads. This month will also be used to further advance the country’s road safety initiatives, while also creating awareness of the economic benefits of the sector.


The 2020 theme for Transport month is: “Together shaping the future of transport.” We aim to raise awareness of the important role of transport in the economy, and to invite participation from civic society and businesses alike, in providing a safer, more affordable, accessible and reliable transport


Our investments in the transport sector are aimed at stimulating development and creating jobs as part of the country’s Nine-Point Plan. These investments will ensure that we build an integrated public transport network across the country.


Our investments in rail, roads and public transport is changing the way people access their places of work, study and entertainment.  These investments will also help to grow our economy, and address the challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality.


October was declared Transport Month in 2005 during the Transport Lekgotla. It is used to raise awareness on the important role of transport in the economy and to encourage participation from civil society and business, including the provision of a safe and more affordable, accessible and reliable transport system in the country.


For the time being, you may look at the scooters but the legislation does not allow you to ride them. With your support during Transport Month, this can and needs to be updated.


Thank you,